how to prepare for your first massage

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how to prepare for your first massage

Have you gone for a professional massage lately? Is it something that you are uncomfortable with? If you have never gone for a massage because you are worried about the experience and not knowing what to do when you get to the spa, you are in luck. My site is filled with tips and advice to help you get through your first few massages with little to no anxiety. You will learn about the types of massages available, how to dress, what to do about gratuity and so much more. It is my hope that you will learn everything you need to know to make your first massage as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

How To Dress For Your Massage

It doesn't matter if you are getting a massage because of an injury or because you are trying to treat yourself -- regardless, you might be wondering what you should wear. Dressing properly for your appointment can help you make the most out of it, so follow these tips.

Focus on Comfort

A massage is supposed to be comfortable and relaxing, so first and foremost, you should dress comfortably. You want to be as comfortable as possible while you are waiting for your appointment, and you probably won't want to wiggle into something uncomfortable when you're feeling relaxed and happy after your appointment. A pair of sweats, yoga pants or leggings and a comfortable T-shirt are sure to be a great choice for relaxing before and after your appointment.

Pick Something That's Easy to Remove

For a truly effective massage, you're probably going to want to take off most of your clothing -- you will be under a sheet for modesty, so you shouldn't be worried about that. To make things faster and easier, skip the stuff with complicated buttons and zippers, and consider ditching the outfit that has lots of layers. You'll want to be able to get dressed and undressed easily before and after your appointment.

Choose the Right Undergarments

You will probably want to keep your underwear on during your appointment, so choose them wisely. It might not be the best idea to wear something skimpy if you're concerned about modesty, and you'll probably want to wear a pair that aren't embarrassing so that you'll feel more confident. Removing your bra is the best choice if you want your massage therapist to be able to massage your back and shoulders effectively, so wear a bra that you can take off easily. You may even choose to wear a loose-fitting top or a cami that has a built-in bra so that you can skip the extra step when getting ready for your appointment.

Skip the Jewelry

Massage day isn't a good day to wear necklaces, dangly earrings, and other jewelry that might get in the way of your massage therapist's job. Consider leaving your jewelry at home so that it doesn't get in the way and so that you don't have to worry about removing it and potentially losing it.

Dressing right for your massage can make things easier. If you follow these tips, you should be ready for your appointment.

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