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how to prepare for your first massage

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Feet If You Are A Diabetic

When you have diabetes, you have to take extra precautions to safeguard your health. Even your feet need special care. A trip to a spa to care for your feet can be a special treat, but you have to ensure that you avoid nicks or cuts. A cut could quickly lead to an infection that could endanger your health. If you are planning a trip to the spa, here are some tips for protecting your feet.  

Skip Shaving Before the Trip

If you were planning to shave or exfoliate your feet before you go to the spa, wait until after you have been to the spa. There are several reasons that waiting is a good idea. For instance, if you cut yourself while shaving, you could be at a greater risk of contracting an infection when you go to the spa.  

If you feel that shaving is necessary, try to do so at least a few days before the trip to the spa. Those few days give your skin the time needed to heal.  

Inform the Technician of Your Condition

Spa technicians are trained to handle a number of situations, including addressing the health concerns of guests. When you visit, inform the technician that you have diabetes. Ideally, he or she will take extra care to ensure that you do not get any cuts or nicks on your feet.  

Ask the technician to ensure that the equipment, including the foot spa, has been properly sterilized. It is highly likely that he or she has already taken those precautionary measures, but double-checking this can be assuring to you.  

Educate the Technician on Clipping Your Toenails

As you are aware, there is a certain way that your toenails have to be cut to avoid complications later. You could develop ingrown toenails or an infection if the nails are not properly trimmed. Before the technician starts, talk to him or her about cutting your toenails.  

For instance, you need to ensure the technician is aware that your nails should not be pointed. If they are, you could easily scratch yourself and this could lead to an infection. If the nails are cut too short, you could develop an ingrown toenail.  

You can be a regular customer at a spa to get the pampering you want for your feet, but you have to take precautions to avoid endangering your health. By taking the time to voice your concerns to your technician, you can ensure that your spa time keeps you happy and healthy. For more information, contact companies like Body Sense.