how to prepare for your first massage

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how to prepare for your first massage

Have you gone for a professional massage lately? Is it something that you are uncomfortable with? If you have never gone for a massage because you are worried about the experience and not knowing what to do when you get to the spa, you are in luck. My site is filled with tips and advice to help you get through your first few massages with little to no anxiety. You will learn about the types of massages available, how to dress, what to do about gratuity and so much more. It is my hope that you will learn everything you need to know to make your first massage as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

4 Reasons To Seek The Services Of A Massage Therapist

Massage involves the manual manipulation of your muscles for therapeutic or recreational reasons. Many people find getting a massage to be a highly pleasurable experience, but some people don't think to seek it out. Scheduling a massage is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. Here are four reasons to seek the services of a skilled massage therapist: 1. Reduce your stress levels. Many people are more stressed than ever these days. Read More 

Massage Therapy For Autism: Things You Need To Know As A Parent

Many children with autism are sensory-defensive, which means that if you try to hug them or take their hands in yours, they run away screaming. It is very hard to create a sense of safety, love, and security for these children. However, massage therapy might help many kids with ASD. This may surprise you, considering the amount of pressure and touch involved with massage therapy, but once you see how it works for these children, you understand. Read More