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how to prepare for your first massage

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How Massage Therapy And Essential Oils Can Help You Beat Colds And Flus

Cold and flu season occurs each and every year, and you may want to do all you can to avoid getting sick during this time of year. There are numerous steps you can take for this, but there is one you may not have thought of, which is massage therapy. Getting a massage could help you prevent illnesses, especially when teamed up with the right essential oils, and here are two things to know about this.

How does massage therapy help?

According to ABC News, non-sexual touch is something that can boost the immune system. Most people think of massages as something used for relaxation or to combat sore muscles, and while these are good reasons to get massages, getting them to help you through cold and flu season is another good reason.

When you get any type of cold or flu virus, it targets your immune system, which causes it to weaken. To treat this type of illness, you may take medication or try to get more sleep, but colds and flus must run their course.

Absolute Fitness Results reports that massage therapy may not only prevent you from getting these types of illnesses, but it could also help you cut down the recovery time to as little as one or two days. This is possible because massage therapy can help:

  • Reduce your stress level – Stress is a factor that causes a weakened immune system, and it is much easier to develop a cold or flu when your immune system is dampened.
  • Improve your blood flow – Massages are also known for increasing the circulation in your body, and this causes blood to flow more freely. This is another important element in battling sicknesses.
  • Target your lymphatic system – This is the bodily system that is responsible for eliminating toxins from your body, and massage therapy is known for stimulating this system.

Because of these things, you may not have to worry about getting or staying sick during the cold and flu season.

What essential oils can help?

When you get a massage, you will benefit in all of the ways listed here, but you could receive additional benefits if the therapist uses essential oil during the massage. Here are two types massage therapists might use to help you through this season:

  • Eucalyptus oil – The first type is eucalyptus oil, which is a great type to use to fight colds. Using eucalyptus oil will help keep the germs away and may help ease coughing and congestion.
  • Frankincense – This type of oil also has the ability to sooth coughing and congestion.

Your therapist could rub these on your back, which is not only soothing, but you will also benefit from the oils because you will be breathing in their fumes.

If you would like to learn more about this, or if you are ready to schedule a massage, contact a clinic like Mana Massage that offers massage therapy in your area.