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how to prepare for your first massage

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3 Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage For Your Face

If you have heard about or considered having a deep tissue massage for your face, you may be wondering how it could help you. If so, the following are three benefits of deep facial tissue massage.

Decreases The Appearance Of Wrinkles

One benefit of deep facial massage is that it can help decrease the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles on your face. During the treatment, the massage therapist activates the both the superficial and underlying muscles of your face. This activation helps increase your face's muscle tone, filling in any sagging, wrinkled areas.

Along with toning the muscles, the massage also increases blood flow to your skin, causing it to plump out. This plumping helps fill in the lines, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Brightens Your Skin By Removing Toxins

Decreasing the appearance of your wrinkles is not the only thing that the increase in blood flow can do for your skin. Along with the blood, white blood cells are carried to the surface of your skin. There, these cells carry away any toxins that have settled in and on your skin. This helps brighten your skin because these toxins can dull your face, making you look worn and tired. When the toxins are whisked away by the blood, your skin becomes brighter, giving your face a vibrant, healthy glow.

Helps You Feel More Relaxed

If you are like some people, you may carry stress in your face. You may tense your brow line when you are worried, or you may clench your teeth when you are upset, making your jaw feel tired and tight. After experiencing this tension for days on end, you may always have the sensations, even when you are trying to sleep or have a relaxing evening at home.

When you have deep tissue massage, it helps relax these areas, which helps you feel more relaxed. This massage helps hit the major areas of tension. After one treatment, you may be able to sleep better at night. If you decide to have several therapy sessions, you may feel better able to cope with stressful situations, since they will have a lesser effect on your physical response.

Facial massage can have the above benefits for your face, as well as others. To find out more about the treatment or to ask further questions, you may want to contact a massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage, such as those found at Soothe Massage and Wellness, to discuss them