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how to prepare for your first massage

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Winter Approaching? Offer These Warm And Cozy Elements For Your Massage Clients

When you work as a massage therapist, your chief priority is to give your clients a positive experience from the moment they arrive until they depart. Of course, providing a top-notch massage is integral, but there are a number of ways that you can further make your clients comfortable. During the winter months, when people may be cold upon arriving or there may even be a draft in your clinic, there are a number of elements that you can incorporate to keep your clients cozy and comfortable. Here are some ideas that you can easily implement.

Flannel Sheets

Even if your room is toasty warm, a client may feel chilly upon sliding onto your massage chair or table when you use conventional sheets. This can be a feeling similar to getting into your bed at home during the winter. Consider offering flannel sheets instead. This type of sheet feels warmer and doesn't have the initial cool sensation that conventional sheets have. Having a flannel sheet below the client provides warmth and coziness, while using one above his or her body can be ideal, too. Because these sheets are warmer, the top sheet may not need to be paired with a heavy comforter that puts too much weight on your client.

Hot Stones

Offering to include hot stones in your massages is something that many clients will likely be happy to hear. Many massage therapists offer this service during the chilly winter months, as it helps to keep clients warm for the duration of the massage. You can buy smooth stones for this purpose and keep them warm in a variety of ways. You'll then actually rub a client's body with the stones, giving firm and grounding pressure while also providing warmth. Clients can even have the option of having the warm stones wrapped against a body part while you work in other areas.

Heat Packs

There are a number of different heat packs available on the market, and incorporating these into your massages is perfect for the winter. Whether you microwave them to warm them up or heat them in another manner, you can tuck these packs against a client's body while you perform the massage. You may also wish to consider putting a couple packs on the chair or table in advance of the client's arrival, as these will help the chair or table to be toasty and warm when the client gets undressed and climbs onto it. For more information, contact a company such as Body Well Mobile Massage.